How to Sell on Depop

I have been using Depop for the last year or so to shop (read How To Buy Safely on Depop) as well as to get rid of unwanted clothes, shoes and more. So far I have sold more than 100 items, and I have learned a lot about the app. Here is how to sell on Depop:


I have also made a video on this topic with this and other information – it’s not the shortest but if you prefer to watch rather than read then this will be for you.

I do update this guide when I think of other things it’s important to know so the information is not exactly the same across the video and guide. I am now doing a series of short videos on specific topics so be sure to check those out!

Your Profile

In general, profiles with a profile picture and description are more trustworthy than those who don’t – anyone would hesitate to buy from a blank shop. It’s the same feeling as a private Instagram account with no profile picture interacting with you. The main part here is your bio – it is the perfect place to have key facts and answer questions preemptively.


This is my Depop profile

Things to consider include:

  • a short intro about yourself
  • if you will do international postage
  • if you do swaps
  • will you take returns?
  • what days you are able to post items
  • do you do bundles/are there discounts you’d consider?
  • do you take offers on your items?


Not everything will sell. That’s just the reality. Make sure you take a look at everything you want to sell and figure out if someone will actually want it. Does it have stains that won’t come out? Does it have rips? If you can’t wash out that stain or fix that rip before listing it, then it might not be worth selling; even if someone does buy it, the price will have to be considerably lower.

Small imperfections are usually fine BUT make sure you list/photograph any and all imperfections else your customers will be unhappy and leave bad reviews. Worst case scenario: they can open a case with PayPal because they did not receive the advertised item and get their money back as well as the item. Honesty is the best policy here.



The photos you take are super important. Depop wants to be able to feature your items to boost sales, therefore you need to think about:

  • good lighting
  • backgrounds
  • modelling the item if applicable

Dim lighting, fuzzy photos and awkward angles will make it less likely for someone to click on the listing let alone buy it, so take some extra time to take better photos. The customer wants to be sure that they get what they’re expecting – sometimes they think it’s a different size or colour for example, but this can easily be cleared up with good photos.

These are examples of items on my Depop shop, most of which have sold. You can always update the photos without deleting the listing so it doesn’t matter if it’s not quite perfect. Be creative and have some fun with it!

Also make sure to check out my Depop shop for more examplesBelow are some of my current listings:

screenshot depop shop.png

You can always look through other people’s shops and take inspiration on how to take your own photos. Just don’t plagiarise other people’s images – if you are reselling an item that you bought on the app, what you can do is ask that seller’s permission to use their photos.


The description of each listing is (mostly) what the app bases searches on. The idea here is to include all the key words describing your item. I have seen some listings with almost no description that have been sitting unliked for 20+ weeks. Try thinking about:

  • colour
  • material
  • texture
  • size
  • fit – bigger/smaller/true to size on the label
  • style
  • era
  • brand
  • RRP
  • relevant #tags
  • condition
  • why are you selling it?
  • occasions/locations it can be used for


Writing as much relevant information as possible will make sure your items show up in more searches so that more people will see them. The main way you will get traffic to your page and items is people searching for something specific, so the aim here is to direct as many searches towards your listings as possible. Be careful not to use irrelevant keywords – if you’re searching for an item yourself, it gets really annoying to see things completely unrelated to your search.


When deciding on the price of your items, bare in mind that Depop takes a 10% commission on the total price (this is the sale price plus the shipping). PayPal will also take a fee of 3.4% of the total price + 20p. However, the PayPal fees will cover you with buyer’s and seller’s protection, but that’s almost 15% of the total price gone. And then you minus postage fees to get your profit.

HERE is a simple example spreadsheet I made to help you calculate costs and profit

If you’re not sure what price to sell an item for, try searching for it on the app – it’s quite likely that there will be at least one other person selling the exact or similar item already. You can then price yours competitively, giving your listing the edge, and hopefully the sale with it.

Other Important Things You Should Know

  • Holidays – Depop does not have a feature that pauses sales while you are unavailable. This means that if you’re on holiday or away for any reason, the only way you can tell your followers and customers is by writing it in your bio and in your listings. Some people make a listing explaining the situation, but not everyone will check it if they decide they want to buy one of your items. Something I do is set the postage price high to prevent purchases but keep the items visible.
  • Old Listings – as time passes more listings will be made and yours will be pushed further down the results which means fewer people seeing, clicking and liking your items. To avoid this becoming an issue edit your items every week or two. This will bump them back up to the top of search results and get you that sale.
  • Getting Featured – from what I can tell, staff search through and choose items to feature. You don’t have to add @depop to your descriptions to be featured on the explore page, however, it can’t hurt. There are now regional accounts e.g. @teamdepop_uk so it might be worth tagging them to give your items a higher chance of getting featured.
  • Inactivity – after a set number of weeks of inactivity on the app (I believe it’s somewhere around 40), Depop will make your listing inactive. This is to avoid the situation of payments being made when a seller has abandoned the app. Be aware of this when taking breaks from the app or not interacting with other people.

Extra Tips

  • Don’t list multiple sizes in your item description unless you have more than one item. This suggests to the app that you have multiple for sale so if someone buys it, the listing will not be marked as sold. For customers clicking on the listing, the sizes will not be automatically shown which can be confusing.
  • As per an email sent by Depop, their statistics show that items with free postage are more likely to sell. Consider including postage in the initial price to boost those sales. I go between doing this and not based on how well recent sales have been doing.
  • If you log into the Depop website on a laptop or PC, you can edit the order of your listings. You can either drag round the individual items or move sold items down at a click.
  • Recently, there has been a bug changing the number of each listing available so double check when you’re editing whether the correct number is up


A lot of this was learned through experience and experimentation so have a go and don’t be afraid to change things. Let me know if you have any other tips!

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