Pastel Ombre Hair

So last week i decided to spruce up my hair colour a bit. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted so ended up browsing the hair dye section in Boots. This is where I happened upon possibly my new favourite dye.

2018-04-13 05.47.49 2.jpg

Mauve Kiss and Cool Rose

So this is Schwarzkopf Live in shades Cool Rose 101 and Mauve Kiss 105. They are both permanent dyes which lighten your hair and then add a pastel tinge of pink and peach. As they both lighten, these dyes are permanent so I wouldn’t recommend these for if you can’t get away with colours in your every day life.

Another thing is that these will not show up unless your hair is light or bleached already, and because of how light the shades are, the pastel will wash out in a couple of weeks. If you want to keep this colour then you’ll need to maintain it like any other light shade.

I started off with pre-bleached ombre hair and these are the results! I used the mauve on the top half of my hair and the peach on the bottom half for an ombre effect on top of my bleached hair before this.

Bear in mind this is 2 washes after application and not the best lighting BUT I absolutely love the shades in real life. It’s super summery so why not give it a try?

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