Summery Look Book

If you live in the UK then you know we have finally got a sunny spell with temperatures in the 20s for the first time in what feels like a year. The good weather inspired me to put together a small summery weather look book.

I was a bit of a dolt by forgetting to bring warmer weather appropriate shoes to uni after the Easter break; I don’t think anyone was expecting the sudden rise in temperature. So you will see my new doc martens featured in 3 out of the 4 outfits because I love them so much and also because I don’t have much else with me.

outfit 1

I got this dress from Urban Outfitters in their Autumn sale. It is by Kimchi Blue in a size xs and was reduced from £46 to £12 when I bought it. Here is some other clothing by Kimchi Blue if you like the style.

outfit 2.jpg

The top in this outfit is by Silence + Noise in a size xs. I bought it on Depop as it was no longer being sold in Urban Outfitters. I love the wrap and string crossover making this top really unique. Here are some more clothes by Silence + Noise.

The jeans are from Zara in a size 6. They were doing a special price offer on their embroidered jeans in autumn so I managed to pick this pair up for £12.99. I get such a spring vibe from them because of the shade of blue and the floral and butterfly details.

outfit 3

This shirt might be my new favourite thing! I bought it on ASOS but it is from Pull & Bear in a size small. (You can find this exact shirt here ). The fabric is super soft and light so it is perfect for warmer weather. There’s just something about the colour that calls to me. You can see more about this top in my Mini Online Shopping Haul post.

I got these ripped boyfriend jeans on Depop. They were originally bought in Australia and are a size 6. The most similar pair I could find is here, but they aren’t quite as distressed.

outfit 4

The sheer top in this outfit from Forever21. It’s a surprisingly nice shade of brown and I’ve paired it with a gorgeous black Ted Baker lace bralette which you can find here. The black pleated skirt is another purchase from Depop – it is unbranded and a 24 inch waist with a zip and button on the side. It is one of my absolute favourite skirts just because it seems to go with everything I have.

What was your favourite item of clothing in this look book?

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