Charity Shop Haul

I’ve been seeing thrift hauls everywhere lately so I thought I’d drop by some of the charity shops in Bath and see what I could find. Oddly enough, this ended up being quite a successful trip and I bought 4 items from 3 shops.

Item 1 – Grey Top



I love this asymmetric grey top originally from River Island. It’s a size 10 instead of my usual 6 or 8, so it’s a more oversized fit on me which is generally more to my liking. The cutout on the right shoulder makes it feel super summery while the longer left side gives it the edge that makes it more than just a plain old t-shirt. I got this for £6 which is pretty good value I’d say.

Item 2 – Layered Dress



This dress is originally from Zara and, as the most expensive item from the trip,cost me £8.50 which I feel is still quite reasonable as it’s in great condition. The top part is a darker grey and the straps have lovely bronze sequins sewn in which are harder to make out in the photos. It’s generally longer than I’d prefer but it would look great dressed up in heels and a cropped leather jacket. Because the dress is quite floaty and loose, I paired it with a belt at the waist – otherwise I felt too ruffly.

Item 3 – Hound’s Tooth Shorts



I am so in love with these shorts! They are generally more fitting for autumn/winter because of the fuzzy fabric, but the fit is amazing. They are quite high-waisted and the perfect length BUT they don’t have pockets. These shorts are also from Zara funnily enough. I got these for £3.49 making them the cheapest item from the haul, and they are definitely my favourite purchase.

Item 4 – Embroidered Denim Skirt


And, last but not least, another item originally from Zara! This skirt stood out to me straight away and the distressed details and rose embroidery won me over. Also it was only £6 so I had to have it. I think it’s meant to have a lower waisted fit which contrasts most of the skirts already in my wardrobe, so it’s a welcome change. It’s also one of the brightest skirts now in my wardrobe as I lean towards darker colours (in case that wasn’t already apparent).

This trip made me realise I could find some super interesting clothes at way lower prices than usual if I take the time to look. I shop on Depop quite often and the value for money is similar to that except the money goes to charity instead of someone else so it’s a limited but good alternative to shopping new. Yes, the majority of the stock is totally outdated or not worth it, but there are definitely some gems hidden in there.

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