My Everyday Watch – Cluse

So I have been looking for an everyday watch to wear with pretty much anything for the longest time. I’ve favoured digital watches in the past because of all the extra functions like alarms, a stopwatch, timer, pretty much everything you could think of. But as I’ve matured out of my teenage years (woah that sounds super dramatic) I’ve been wanting a more classic and elegant watch.

You can find the exact watch here

After months and months of window shopping I chanced upon this Cluse watch – for half price I discovered while paying – in Choice. It’s got a soft black leather strap and the  gold metal gives it the elegant look I was searching for. Another draw was that the face of the clock is black instead of white, making it feel super sleek.

I actually wear this watch almost every day. I’m at the point where the strap is starting to wear where the clasp does up, but I’m still forever away from needing a replacement. The super cool thing about these watches (yes, I realise other brands do this too) is they offer separate straps.

Strap 18 mm - Black Lizard/Rose Gold

This lizard textured leather strap is an interesting way to add some extra flair.

Strap 18 mm - Hazelnut/Rose Gold

This brown strap is better suited for a neutral vibe as a major change for me.

Strap 18 mm - Mesh Rose Gold

This rose gold metal mesh strap takes glam to a whole new level.

Strap 12 mm - Flamingo/Rose Gold

This flamingo pink strap is super bright and fun, perfect for summer!

Strap 16 mm - Blue Denim/Rose Gold

There’s even a denim strap for serious denim lovers

I love that there are so many different options for changing up your watch without the need to buy a whole new one – it’s like buying outfits for your watch like you would for yourself!

In general, I haven’t heard an awful lot about Cluse. Not a single person in my normal circles has heard of the brand let alone owns one of their watches. With all the posts and discounts, Daniel Wellington seems to be the main brand coming to mind. I took a look at their website to compare pricing, and the most similar style I could find is actually £50 more expensive at £129!

Classic Petite Sheffield Rose Gold 32mm (black)

I personally love my Cluse watch and would definitely recommend it to someone who loves sleek and elegant watches for everyday. I haven’t owned a Daniel Wellington watch, but as I like to be as thrifty as possible, I’d go with the cheaper option of Cluse any day.


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