Orange you glad it’s sunny – OOTD

Today’s outfit pairs my favourite mom jeans with a bright orange off shoulder ribbed top that I bought in autumn and haven’t worn until now.

I got the jeans in the Zara sale last year – they were the only pair in the shop and a size 4, so I had to try them on and they fit! The denim is much thinner than I’m used to wearing and it has almost no stretch to it. The zip down the leg IS functional; it means that you can unzip them further when putting them on which is actually faster and more comfy than you’d think. Or if it gets super warm you can unzip the bottom for ventilation. I also haven’t been able to find these jeans anywhere else or anything similar so they feel almost unique to me.

I got the top on special offer also from Zara and never felt like I could wear it because the weather has been in winter mode from then until now. I was even considering selling it on my Depop shop out of guilt for not wearing it.

The puma suedes that I’m wearing were bought from Depop for about £15 – a total steal. They aren’t in absolute perfect condition but the wear is barely noticeable so I don’t really mind.

You may also have noticed the watch that I talked about in my last post.

Finally, I wear my peach pink fjallraven kanken pretty much everywhere. I hopped on the kanken train in August – I tried to choose a colour you wouldn’t see everywhere.

With the warmer weather finally showing its face I can start to bring out my summery clothes from the depths of my wardrobe! The only downside is that since it’s revision week and soon to be exam season, I’m stuck inside instead of being able to enjoy it.

On that topic I’ll admit that I’m super stressed. I’ve gotten into an awful pit of productive procrastination where I’ll focus on writing posts or making videos instead of preparing for exams. Like today. So I’ll say here that I will focus on my university work properly and that my social media and creative projects are NOT my priority or go to or way to pass the time. If people read this then I have to stick to it right?

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