All in Black – OOTD


2018-05-17 01.43.51 1.jpg

2018-05-17 01.43.52 3.jpg

2018-05-17 01.43.50 1.jpg

This outfit from a few days ago has to be one of my favourites. I bought this skirt on Depop last year and am so in love with it that I’ve styled it in most of my lookbooks on youtube 

I bought this top from H&M (you can find it here) before I decided on limiting the amount of new items I buy – read about Fast Fashion here. It’s a size medium and so has a more oversized fit which I prefer, especially because of the cropped length. The metal joining the sleeves makes the sweatshirt but it’s super jangly when you move and you can feel the quality isn’t that great.

I’m currently halfway through my exams – this outfit was for my 9:30am thermal power exam in fact. I have 2 more weeks until summer starts and I’m super excited for a holiday and being able to create more content regularly with no guilt about spending my time on it instead of studying.

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