Getting Back Up

About 48 hours ago I started feeling horribly sick and hot with pins and needles all over my body. After a not so great night of illness (I’m not going to go into specifics), calling up 111 and general awfulness, I slept for maybe 24 hours out of 36. At this point I’ve barely eaten in 2 days, and with my last exam coming up in 2 days, I’m super stressed while not being able to focus.

Instead of curling up in bed and not moving for a couple more days, I forced myself to get up, get dressed and… honestly not an awful lot more. I’m currently binging season 6 of Friends while writing this and searching for the motivation to get started with revision.

2018-05-26 06.57.15 1.jpg

2018-05-26 06.57.07 1.jpg

2018-05-26 06.57.09 1.jpg

2018-05-26 06.57.06 1.jpg

On another note, it’s my boyfriends birthday tomorrow so I just came back from the local Co-op with cheesecake ingredients. If it goes well, I’ll share the recipe and end result. I’ve been staring at these flowers whenever I walk past for ages, but taking a photo myself in the middle of the street is so damn awkward.

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