May Favourites

Another month, another look back at how I’ve procrastinated my time away. But let’s focus on the positives – here are some of my May favourites!

Bow Brow


Click here to check out the bow brow on the Glossier website

I never really paid much attention to my brows – the only product I’ve used is the Nyx eyebrow pencil, and the boy brow has basically revolutionised my makeup routine. Glossier products, in general, somehow manage to match me in their shades and come off easily when you want them to. Glossier is far from the cheapest option, but for these results I’d happily pay £14 again.

Puma Trainers


As I’ve discussed in my Millennial Pink post, I’ve recently fallen back in love with the colour pink. This dusky shade is one of my absolute faves, so when I saw these adorable ruffly trainers on sale, I had absolutely no impulse control. They’re also super comfortable with soft padding on the inside, so I’m super happy with my purchase.

Mom Jeans


At the beginning of the month, all but 1 pair of the jeans in my wardrobe were skinny jeans. I found this vintage pair on Depop, and have been wearing them pretty much non-stop. I tried on a pair of skinny jeans the other week and felt too constricted so it looks like there’s no going back.

Flowers Everywhere


Just walking around, flowers are blooming on almost every corner. Honestly, the number of times I stop to take pictures on a simple walk is getting silly, but the sight makes me so happy that I hope summer lasts this year.

May was basically just a hellish month of exams and stress, so in a way, I’m glad it’s over. Staying inside most days, I have fewer favourites, but they’ve all made me super happy. Tell me about your May in the comments!

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