Bedroom Wishlist

I’m moving to a new place for my placement year which means that I’ll be able to try out some different ideas for decor. Here are some of the things I’m considering:

room wishlist.jpg

  1. I fell in love with these covers the first time I saw them and have been waiting oh so patiently (which means not at all patiently) for them to go on sale because £40 is a bit much. So I was absolutely GUTTED when I saw these had gone out of stock, but I’m very much still looking for a similar set. From Urban Outfitters Bedding
  2. A sleek table top mirror has been a want for a while now, and one with a little tray to hold all your bits and bobs seems to be the perfect one. I’ve got a plastic one at the moment so I’m not sure I could justify buying this, but this is a Wish List after all. Find it here: Elizabeth Tabletop Storage Mirror
  3. Something I really love for home decor is vases – even when they’re empty they add a lovely touch to the room. This one is from Maisons du Monde – a french shop that I first visited in Calais but that now delivers in the UK. Find it here: Pink Tinted Glass Vase H 30
  4. I don’t really have wall hangings – at least not since I decided HMV posters weren’t cool enough anymore. This “Late AF” wall hook is super cute and is actually somewhat functional, as well as black, so it fits into my preferred monochrome theme. Find it here: Late AF Wall Hook
  5. One of the really cool things about my new place is that it has a separate wardrobe area with open shelves; I basically have a walk in wardrobe for the first time ever. So my idea is to stock up on simple little boxes to categorise clothes into but also keep the space looking nice. I tend to favour IKEA for these kinds of storage boxes, which you can find here: Box, set of 6
  6. My absolute must have for any room is a big cuddly blanket even if it’s 20C+ outside. I’ve been looking at various colours of this blanket for a while now, and I might invest if I decide to recycle some of my older blankets that I already have. Find it here: Amped Fleece Throw Blanket
  7. Another investment incoming is a standing mirror. I’m particularly looking for one with some extra storage somehow included and that can be used for decoration as well as functionality. This one is currently in the running, and you can find it here: Standing mirror

I’ve got more than a month until I actually move in so I’m taking my time in finding juuuussst the right thing. But also sifting through sales to see what bargains I can find. What is something you’re looking for to fit your home?

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