Get to Know Me in 20 Questions

This weeks video is a 20 questions tag that I found. It’s super casual and laidback, I was literally sat chilling in my pyjamas. I did previously film a 50 question video but I just wasn’t happy with its composition and the fact it was like at least half an hour long to fit all the questions.

Let me know your responses to your favourite questions!

2 thoughts on “Get to Know Me in 20 Questions

  1. Roxy Kongenhaven says:

    Out of college now. Agree about black and energy drinks. Love coffee. No on phobias and ghosts and death experiences. Have to touch fashions so no internet buying. Mostly flats. Too much perfume and makeup now. Need to cut down. No hurry to get married. Being from Chicago, nice to hear what’s up over there. You like what kind of music. I’m an old school rocker babe.

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    • notwastingtoday says:

      Hiya! Definitely internet shopping can be hit or miss. Theres always something you have to much of 😂 Ooh music for me is a bit of a mismatch. I’ve gone through pop to rock and pop punk and now I’m in a kpop phase if you’d believe it. Lovely to hear your responses to the questions 💕


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