New Hair & A Good Day

A couple days ago I asked my mum to change up my hair, so we bleached, dyed and then toned when dying didn’t work. Yesterday it was cut and curled and these are the results!

2018-07-25 08.41.20 1.jpg

This is not the colour we were going for AT ALL but I actually really like how it came out. Photos can’t quite seem to capture the colour as it looks in real life…

2018-07-25 08.41.16 1.jpg

This whole outfit is mainly Forever21 items that I have collected over a while. I was originally going to wear the mesh tee with a bralet underneath, but I realise I could be far more bold by wearing one over the top instead.

2018-07-25 08.41.22 1.jpg

The skirt was a Depop purchase and is a bit too big for me. What I did was safety pin it to sit where I wanted and I don’t think it’s too obvious that it’s been pinned.

The shoes were a £5 purchase from H&M in a sale about a year ago and the insoles started coming apart from the shoes by the end of the day, so I am super glad I didn’t pay more for them.

2018-07-25 08.41.10 1.jpg

As usual, I wore my peach pink Kanken as it somehow goes with any outfit I come up with. I’ve been wearing this bag for about a year now, and I love it probably more than ever!


After Starbucks and some light shopping, we had a lovely sit and chat in the park – and incidentally this was where all these photos were taken. It’s been super hot recently – I’m sweating awfully as I’m writing this as it’s 26C currently and is meant to hit 35C later today!!!!


To finish off our day, we took a trip to Belgo for dinner and drinks. I had the chicken burger pictured on the other side and let me tell you, that is the CRISPIEST chicken I have ever had. We also somehow fit ice-cream as our dessert and then it was pretty much time to go.


I’m moving to Bristol this weekend so this was the last day I spent with my boyfriend on home turf. I have about a year in Bristol, then a year or 2 in Bath based on if I do a Bachelors or a Masters for my degree and then I am free! Or as free as you can be after spending 4-5 years of your life dedicated to studying engineering…


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