Free Time + Motivation

Since starting my new job and getting into a routine I have a lot more free time than I’m used to. Most of my life has been school and uni where you’re expected to do extra curricular activities and extra work and socialise in your free time. But now that I’m living alone, working a 5 day week, I have so much time to myself that it’s frightening. So I’ve decided to do a few thing with all this extra me-time.

I have joined the local leisure centre and I’ve been going to a couple of classes a week which I’m finding fun. I also got a programme put together to meet some personal goals, and I went to the gym for my first work out yesterday.

It didn’t go well. Apart from not quite being able to find every machine I was looking for, I started feeling super sick after about a half hour. The current theory is low blood sugar since it was 7pm and I hadn’t had anything to eat since 12:30, so that’s something to avoid doing again if I can force myself to go again…

Another decision was to start putting out more regular content. I have been binging a lot of  jade darmawangsa on YouTube and I’ve decided that since I have more free time I can put out 2 videos per week instead of 1. My channel is pretty small with 47 subscribers at the moment and I’ve been working on content for more than a year now.

I think there have been definite improvements in my content, editing and general approach to the whole thing – obviously I don’t know if anyone else agrees haha. As well as uploading twice a week, I have streamlined the content of my videos a lot more and I’m actually super excited to get creating. I just filmed a video that I’m going to edit tonight and post tomorrow, and the plan is to film again tomorrow for the next one, so we’ll see just how sustainable it is.

Finally, I want to spend some more time skill building rather than procrastinating. This means

  • regularly going over Korean vocab because I am determined to learn this
  • taking time out of my week to do some coding in Python
  • upgrading my CAD skills, virtually non-existent as they are
  • start reading books again!
  • get through the professor Layton games on DS
  • being more creative and healthy with the meals I cook

There are a lot of goals I have decided on for myself, and only time will tell if I stick to them. But I think I will.


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