Weekends Alone

Good evening or good morning or good day depending on when you’re reading this. The topic for this post is weekends.

Since I’m alone while I’m living in Bristol, I find weekends very strange. The main friend I meet up with works on weekends so I have significantly less options for going out and about. I mostly end up staying in, so I’ve taken up making lunches for the start of the week and baking sweet treats every once in a while.

I also do most of my editing on the weekend, and in fact, here is the video I uploaded earlier this evening:

It’s a small collection of my favourites at the current moment including skin care, food and what I have been watching.

I’m trying to think more positively about the week ahead. I’ve already booked my Monday class at the leisure centre, I know what I’m going to make for my meal prep tomorrow night, and I’m starting to plan out future content. But it’s easy to get disheartened about how ‘well’ my content is doing because there’s constant comparison in the background. I am determined to carry on though, which means that I will do my best to post consistently even when life pulls me about a bit.


YouTube or Instagram or the whole new job of being a social media influencer isn’t a long term goal of mine. The point isn’t to make a career out of this, rather to have a productive hobby. I love creating and that’s why I’m studying engineering, but it doesn’t have to limit me to just making things in engineering. That’s why I’m so excited by posting photos and blog posts and creating videos – there’s such a variety to what I can create and I feel like my skills are constantly improving.

I may look for some other things to be doing on my weekends. I’d like to go thrifting but unless you live in America, that doesn’t tend to be successful. I want to go film in interesting locations but the panic that ensues when someone sees me or I see someone walking past just isn’t worth it. I haven’t really explored the area I’m living in, so perhaps that’ll be something I can get up to.


The local Tesco has ALREADY whipped out their Christmas stuff.

It is September for crying out loud!

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