It’s the Weekend Again

The weeks are just flying by at this point and the sun is setting earlier and earlier every day. I’m getting into the autumn mood but today I’m feeling super tired and unproductive so…

I have been doing a hella lot of shopping so I decided to do a haul video which you can watch below:

At this point I shop only at Depop, Monki and TKMaxx because I see these as the most ethical and sustainable options. Looking back at all my past habits, shopping is possibly the worst. My family would got to a shopping centre almost every weekend so before we knew it we’d accumulate a huge amount of clothing. When it got too much we’d initially throw it away or give it to family and friends, then we found a recycling place, then we found cash for clothes which gave you money per kilogram and finally, I started selling on Depop.

I still have a huge collection of clothes that I’m selling – I don’t want to recycle, donate or throw out clothes that still have a perfectly long wear life left so reselling is my favourite solution. Except it can be slow. Really slow. I have 140+ listings on my depop page so if you’re in need of cheap good quality stuff you should totally check out my shop.

I have also recently taken up tutoring which is a cool experience for teaching and organisation, but having to consistently spend however many hours on it per week is draining. It feels like I have very little time to myself on a weekly basis. By the time I get home from work I have barely any evening, and most of it is taken up by cooking and stuff around the house. Otherwise I’m making youtube videos or instagram content or hey blogging right here!

Hope you guys have a great week ahead of you 🙂


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