Off The Grid

Is it just me or have a lot of people been taking breaks from social media recently? I’ve seen posts and videos about how important it is for your mental health to take breaks like this, and almost involuntarily took a break of my own…

Recently I have been spending very little time on Instagram and Facebook – not necessarily no time at all, just nowhere near as long as previously. I’ve been caring a lot less about how my life compares to people’s on my feeds and it’s freeing.


Yeah, I still post every once in a while, but I’m not constantly refreshing my notifications and keeping track of the interactions with my recent posts. Statistics can be super interesting but when you spend hours poring over impressions and likes and video statistics then you know there is an issue.

Just wanted to share this slightly different way of going about my day. Hope you guys don’t feel pressured by everyone you’re connected to online. You are absolutely allowed to unfollow or block accounts that make you feel worse about yourself, and you can definitely take a break from social media altogether.

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