Hey there 2019!

Some highlights from 2018

Well this has been an interesting year for sure:

  • I started up this blog!
  • turned 20
  • finished up my second year of engineering at university
  • made a depop guide that has blown up way more than I could have imagined
  • started a year long industrial placement
  • got the phone of my dreams pretty much
  • celebrated my 4 year anniversary with my partner
  • grew as a person overall

I feel like the majority of my year hasn’t really been that impressive; my personal growth has come more recently. In the last few months I have finally sought out and actively made plans to meet up with the friends I haven’t seen in forever. Which is actually a huge step for me believe it or not. And good news, I’ll be seeing more of you guys in the coming year!

And speaking of meetups, my most recent one is responsible for a whole new surge of motivation. I’ll tell you right now that there is nothing as inspiring as a friend rooting for you and encouraging you to carry on making content, in fact, to publish more! I’m not going to commit to a strict schedule specifically because I know that it makes me miserable. And this is probably the 100th time that I’ve made some announcement online calling myself out for procrastination or zero motivationĀ 


it’s picking yourself back up and starting again that gives results.

What about 2019?

I haven’t thought an awful lot about 2019, which is literally right around the corner now. However, typing all this up is a decent opportunity I think, to start. In the next year I plan to:

  • post more of what I want without worrying about whether it fits my theme, or if it’s 100% perfect. Consistency over perfection as a meme I saw this morning said
  • learn how to sew! I want to be able to alter my clothes to fit better, rework some items in my wardrobe that I’d otherwise get rid of, and add a valuable new skill to my set
  • have regular times where I work on learning Korean. I have been making slow progress over the last two years, and it’s about time I started taking it seriously
  • reading more! I read maybe two books in the entirety of 2018 and this really isn’t good enough. I was a total bookworm in school and books were such a huge part of my life that I feel like a completely different person without a book in my bag
  • get my driving license! This is something I have been putting off for ages, and it’s something else that I’m determined I will get/do

If you haven’t taken the time to reflect on the year that’s almost passed then it might be the time to do so. I hope you all have a wonderful celebration for the coming year, and that anyone who needs a fresh start gets it.

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