How To Buy Safely on Depop

As well as the How to Sell on Depop post I wrote, I thought it would also be useful to have a guide on how to buy on Depop safely. A significant portion of Depop accounts don't sell items, instead solely using the app to buy. This guide will focus on the safety aspect specifically so you won't find any tips or tricks for negotiating prices.

Getting Back Up

About 48 hours ago I started feeling horribly sick and hot with pins and needles all over my body. Instead of curling up in bed and not moving for a couple more days, I forced myself to get up, get dressed and... honestly not an awful lot more.

Day Out in Bath

Yesterday was a day off from even thinking about exams, and I took the chance to visit the roman baths. I have been living and studying in Bath for almost two years now and this was my first time visiting.