Coat Collection

Even if I wasn't always cold, coats would always be a huge part of my wardrobe. Luckily it's winter so that means everyone's into coats and jackets now, right? Here is my coat collection!

Goodbye 2018

I was looking through all the videos I have saved and found I didn't have enough footage to adequately sum up my 2018 so here are some bits you won't have seen before.

Back into the Swing of Things

Goooooood evening everyone, It's 9 pm and I'm already sleep so this is gonna be a short one. I did end up sticking to my plan of going to the gym and cooking and housekeeping so this week is going well so far. I am now doing my Korean learning on the bus to work so it feels like progress is being made. I have also stuck to 2 videos a week so here is today's upload:

Weekends Alone

Good evening or good morning or good day depending on when you're reading this. The topic for this post is weekends. Since I'm alone while I'm living in Bristol, I find weekends very strange. The main friend I meet up with works on weekends so I have significantly less options for going out and about. I mostly end up staying in, so

Monki Try On + Mini Haul

Hey guys! This weeks video is a short summary and fitting room try on for a recent shopping trip to Monki. As I've explained in my Fast Fashion and In Search of Ethical Brands – Monki posts, I am trying to reduce my contribution to fast fashion. I have been shopping on Depop and second hand a lot recently, but this is one of the few high street shops I am feeling good about shopping at.